Eye Candy: Darlingside’s “Best of the Best of Times”

Darlingside recruit comedian Chris Fleming to brighten up our PVD winters.

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Darlingside, a Boston band, brought joyful energy to early 2018 with the release of their album Extralife. With vitalizing harmonies that fill the room, Darlingside deliver energetic music to combat the cold, dark New England winter. The band recruited fellow New Englander Chris Fleming to direct the video for Extralife single “Best of the Best of Times.” Fleming, an up-and-coming comedian, is a master of goofiness. In addition to cross-country touring and a Facebook Live special, the Massachusetts native is responsible for the YouTube series Gayle, which gives comedic visibility to the often close-minded, post-Puritan suburban society of New England. Fleming’s tight pants and uninhibited dance moves are endlessly refreshing.
Darlingside and Fleming combine their talents to incredible effect in the music video for “Best of the Best of Times.” Together, they provide hope in the form of simplicity and goofiness, all led by the song’s energy. Harmonies and infectious dancing constitute a rebellion against an oppressive system, with a clip-on tie as the secret weapon. I’ve seen this music video countless times, and I revert to it when I need a moment of uplifting hope. I offer this video in advance of the dark days of winter in Providence in hopes that we can always find some goofiness, harmony, and togetherness. Oh, and shameless dancing.