WBRU Introduces Revolutionary Roots: Listening to Black Artists

WBRU formally presents our new hit series, Revolutionary Roots: Listening to Black Artists.

Can art be a form of activism? How can art reimagine a more inclusive, equitable future?

This summer, WBRU launched a new multimedia series: Revolutionary Roots: Listening to Black Artists. The series engages with Black artists to listen to and center the stories they wish to tell about their lived experiences, art practices, and how they challenge norms of identity, beauty, and history.

We use spotlighted audio segments and longer pieces drawn from interviews with each artist which are published on an ongoing basis. Through these interviews, we highlight some of the myriad intersections of art and activism in various Black artistic practices present in personal and shared narratives about ongoing creations and critiques.

Watch clips from our interviews, already posted on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned for exclusive, uncut interviews to be available on Libsyn!