Introducing Anatomy of a Meme Season 2!

WBRU is happy to announce Season 2 of our hit series Anatomy of a Meme!

WBRU’s beloved podcast series, Anatomy of a Meme is back for Season 2! In Anatomy of a Meme’s first season, we talked with Brown’s meme creators to explore just what makes a meme. What’s next?

In our second season of Anatomy of a Meme, we’re narrowing our focus to the culture of social media and the internet behind youth activism as it relates to the movements which have risen in the US.

As WBRU commits itself to using its platform to elevate and support black artists and audiences alike, Anatomy of a Meme hopes to understand how social media and meme culture are being used to facilitate these movements, the stories of the people behind them, and what this tells us about how we can be actively engaged as allies and activists.

How does the internet facilitate youth activism? How can movements calling for racial justice take form through social media and meme culture? In Anatomy of a Meme Season 2, we’re exploring these questions and more with exclusive interviews and stories.

Watch the trailer here and check out the three episodes already out on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.